Sunday boring Sunday

My last post was my 69th post, so I wanted to reflect on that for a while. The humor to that is now gone - it actually dissipated about 10 seconds after I realized it.

I should be unpacking boxes at my new house today, but I can't gather up the motivation to do a goddamn thing. Even though I'll be sitting in front of the computer for work starting at Monday at 6 AM and not finish until 6-7 PM, I'm here again.

I don't have any games to play, because I got bored with Doom III faster than a porn star with a broomstick. Speaking of which . . .

She's trying to break the . . . wait for it . . . World Anal Gangbang Record! She's looking for 150 of her closest friends and most ardent fans to come to LA on October 23rd and fuck her in the ass. Condoms, towels and water will be provided, along with "fluffers".

For those of you who are uninformed and don't know what a fluffer is, it is a person who keeps the stars of an adult film firmly aroused. In the case of male stars, it means blowjobs and/or handjobs.

Can you imagine 150 random people who aren't trained to be porn stars getting fluffed? I would expect that they would actually invite 300 people because at least half of them will drop out after premature emasculation. All these wannabe pornstars who think they would be able to bang the ass for hours at a time blowing their load in about fifteen seconds for the fluffer . . . would be pretty damn funny.

On another note, how much does it suck to be the fluffer? The fluffer is royally getting screwed and I'm sure they get the shaft all the time because they're working their ass off and blowing off friends and family just to be on the ass-end of a job and pursing their lips without even getting a shot at the money. Okay, enough puns.

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