Follow up - $50 bill not editable in Adobe Photoshop CS

MSNBC - U.S. offers Internet downloads of $50 bill

So the US government worked in secret with many different countries, and 27 different banks across the world to have secret software inserted into programs that they won't tell us, in order to make sure that people can't just open a $50 bill and print out hundreds of them.

Stupid fuckers - the people who are going to be counterfeiting are going to be much more advanced than that. But here are some obvious workarounds, since you can't open a high-res picture of a $50 bill in Photoshop CS:

1. Open it in ImageReady and click "Edit in Photoshop"
2. Go back to an older version of PS 7, 6, 5, 4, or any of those.
3. Wait about two weeks, then search on I'm sure there will be a crack that will remove that security function. The crackers hate secret software.

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