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So the move to Florida from Los Angeles was uneventful, but the little things bug me. It sounds spoiled, but it's really not. The level of convenience, especially given out work schedule, was very high. Things I'm talking about:

1. Valet - okay, this is a luxury, but it's so much nicer to just give your car to someone else to park a thousand feet away.

2. Grocery Delivery - we could order groceries from Von's every three weeks, and they would deliver right to the door. All we had to do was unpack. It was easy and really convenient, and I find that Publix, the biggest grocery chain in the Southeast, announced 4 years ago they were going to start doing online delivery, but nothing yet. Get a fucking move on. I don't want to waste half of my Sunday afternoon in the store with a bunch of annoying mothers with their kids and old ladies who are retired (so if you're retired do your shopping at 6 AM Tuesday morning, please!). In LA, there was even a place called Pink Dot that you could order a few essentials, and they'd run them to your door within an hour! One day when Amy was sick, I ordered NyQuil, Orange Juice, and Ben & Jerry's and they brought it right to her. That was nice!

3. Food delivery - is it too much to ask to have something other than pizza delivered? Chinese, Mediterranean, Subs, why can't you just deliver? No, I have to go pick it up, eliminating the reason why I wanted to eat at home in the first place. . . fucking bunch of backwoods towns here.

Okay, this sounds awfully spoiled and annoying, but we worked 7 AM to 8 PM M-F and wanted to save our time to spend with each other or doing fruitful pursuits. In LA, we could. Here, we can't, and it just makes me want to work less during the week. I do have some rational thought behind my ranting. You live in LA for three years and see if you don't get spoiled by many of these things.

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