The price is wrong, bitch!

I've determined that Bob Barker is either an older version of my boss (Asshole Incarnate of all that is Unholy, Stupid and Evil), or they're cousins: Here's the link to the article, and here are some choice quotes:

"Off-camera, however, the show has resembled a soap opera, complete with power plays, demeaning comments, racial slurs and secret conversations, according to several employees."

"It's like the most dysfunctional family you ever saw."

"In reality, Hallstrom was fired because she did not support Barker in another model's sexual-abuse suit, according to Alden."

"'It's a chain reaction. Anyone who doesn't support Barker is fired,' Alden said."

"The game show's legal troubles, however, were far from over. When Hallstrom told news programs she was fired for her weight and age, Barker followed with a slander-and-libel suit in December 1995.

"Holly's weight has absolutely nothing to do with her departure from [The Price Is Right]," Barker told Entertainment Tonight. "Her dress size has fluctuated from an 8 to a 14. Now if the company were going to terminate her for a weight problem, Holly would have been gone years and years ago."

"He called me a 'stupid bitch' in front of the audience and a 'f---ing idiot,'" Riegert said. "He made my life miserable, and he used to write me notes during Christmas saying our friendship was so strong."

"We know for a fact that five out of 14, or 38 percent, of the show's women were fired the same day. Coincidentally, these same women are the ones who are fighting against Bob Barker," Alden said. "It doesn't leave much room for coincidence."

"Jordan, an African American, was also told to stand between two Caucasian models "to do the reverse [Oreo]," the suit said. After Jordan confronted Rossi, he advanced the clock on the set and cursed at her for being late, the model claimed. When Jordan formally filed a complaint, human resources pressured her to withdraw it, and she was fired on Oct. 31, 2003, according to the suit."

"Moreover, Clement-Henry claims she was instructed to mark a "B" next to African American contestants, "to make sure that no more than two African Americans are selected" and to make sure they perpetuated racial stereotypes."

"Barker is probably the most vicious man I've met in my life," Alden said, who also represents Jordan and Clement-Henry. "I honestly liked him before I got involved in these lawsuits, until I took his deposition and thought, 'My God, what a monster.'"

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