Naughty Origami

NCBuy Weird News: Origami Gets Naughty - 2004-11-12: "SHEFFIELD, England (Wireless Flash) -- An English paper folder has published an instructional book which will make some traditional origami experts blush.

Nick Robinson's 'Very Naughty Origami' (Universe), shows novices how to turn a piece of paper into a penis or a pair of big boobs using just a few strategic folds.

There are also designs to create copulating rabbits, a waggling tongue and a condom.

Robinson, who has practiced origami for 25 years, says every paper folder has a few raunchy designs they're willing to share at the pub after kicking back a few beers. The only difference is he decided to put his into a book.

He says the toughest design is the paper sperm, because there are so many curves, but the easiest is a model of a woman's nude lower body that only involves 'one crease and one pinch.'

Robinson feels that 'in this day and age, body parts shouldn't offend,' but admits that some more conservative origami fans have accused him of being a pervert.

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