Could you work for someone that you don't respect?

I've been thinking about why I harbor such a hatred for Asshole Incarnate the Leader of all that is Unholy, Evil and Stupid. And it all boils down to his inability to foster anyone's respect for more than 3-6 months. The turnover at the company is quick enough that three months after I moved to Florida, I only knew a fraction of people there, and now I only know two. Asshole Incarnate finds this amusing, while the rest of us just shake our heads at his complete obliviousness. There's almost been the creation of a little club of people who have all escaped his idiocy and actually spend the time talking about how fucking retarded he is. Nobody respects him - he lies constantly, never keeps a promise, and has the attention span of a 3-year old with massive ADD. And he's one of the most morally corrupt people that I know.

For example, this is a list of women that he's been with in the three years that I knew him. Keep in mind that he was either married or in a full time relationship while he was having these dalliances, and he didn't think there was anything wrong with that:

1. The wife - I'll anonymize her name. She was a cold fish with a dark sense of humor, and she knew he was cheating on her. Their marriage reminded me of one of those arranged marriages, where people sleep in different beds and are only together for the tax benefits.

2. C.B. - one of his top performers back in the day, and one of the only "conquests" who still works for the company. They still have the occasional fling when she's in town, and they definitely had a relationship while he was married.

3. M.Z. - Now M.Z. was a nice person that fell for Asshole Incarnate's redneck power trip personality. They started cheating on his wife after she'd been at the company for only 1 month, and they continued a relationship through his divorce, and even during the beginning of his next serious relationship. When Asshole Incarnate bought his brand new multi-million dollar house, he brought M.Z. to the house, christened a few rooms, and made her promises. Then, a few weeks later during the office Christmas party, he disappears with his new girlfriend into a locked room. That was pretty much the end of M.Z., and she spiraled into an abusive relationship and heavy drug use after that. Only so much lying a girl can handle, I guess.

4. D.R. - D.R. was a very cute, aggressive girl that worked for the company for about 3-4 months. Asshole Incarnate cheated on M.Z. and his wife to have a short relationship that ultimately ended up in a sexual harassment settlement. If only all of these ended up this way, maybe everyone could be happy.

5. M.S. - Great lawyer, brilliant mind, and Asshole Incarnate fucked her three ways from Sunday, before and after he hired her. Then she became a crystal meth crack whore with a gangsta boyfriend and scared Asshole Incarnate off. He probably caught more diseases from her than you could get from a toilet seat in Hollywood.

6. C.S. - his current girlfriend. He converted to Judaism and everything for her, but I'm sure that's just another set of promises that he won't keep. She is a pretty nice girl with a good sense of humor, and it's unfortunate waiting for the trainwreck that always happens with his relationships. She's probably one of the only people who doesn't deserve it.

7. S.Q. - And now he's back to cheating. I guess when you have a tiny dick, you want to stick it in as many people as possible. He disappeared during this year's Christmas party with S.Q. while C.S. searched for him in vain. This won't last long - he'll probably make Uberfuckwit the Odoriferous fire her in a month or two. And Uberfuckwit loves to fire people - especially two days before Christmas (if they're black, it doesn't hurt either).

So this is just one aspect of Asshole Incarnate's total lack of morality. He's one of the most soul-less people I've ever known, and I just feel dirty thinking about how long I had to work in a close vicinity to him. I feel bad for anyone else who knows these things and makes the conscious decision to remain a part of his evil organization.

/end rant

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure why, but there is always one of these in a company. I can't imagine what it's like having to work with someone like that - but I guess they're a measure-stick of how demoralised (to put it nicely) people can be (among many other things).

1/06/2005 12:50 AM  



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