Good news

Michael Powell is resigning from the FCC.

Regardless of the good things that Powell has done as Commissioner of the FCC (avoiding fuck-ups by not classifying broadband or VOIP as the same as the telephone industry, addressing the overly burdensome Telecom Act of 1996), his tenure has been unbelievably harmful to the country, and our ability to personally regulate what we watch.

When Fox is pixelating a cartoon ass, and there is an uproar about that stupid Desperate Housewives commercial which was less racy than any soap opera, we've gone too far. When the FCC levies fines for reruns that were acceptable ten years earlier when they aired at an earlier or similar time, the country has taken a huge step backward.

Maybe we'll be able to find someone who is a bit more rational to take charge. Or maybe we'll find someone so radical that public sentiment grows so hostile as to completely dismantle the FCC of any power (much like I'd like to do to that little turd Jack Valenti - thank God he retired from the MPAA. What a Neanderthal).

So, this is good news, irrespective of the Wall Street Journal's indication that it is bad news. Fuck you, Michael Powell. Fuck you on national television with a thousand children watching.

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