How people find Avitable

Idea stolen from Bethie:

20 Most Recent Search Terms:

avitable (Google)
spears and slip (AltaVista)
"The United States of NOOOOO" (Google)
subtly simpsons (Yahoo)
Jaimee Foxworth (Yahoo)
Jaimee Foxworth hardcore (Yahoo)
daniel fierman, chevy chase (Yahoo)
animated boobs (Netscape)
jewish psychotic episode (Yahoo)
george bush clip download jeff foxworthy (Yahoo)
i ejaculated (Yahoo)
"United states of nooooo" (Yahoo)
vin diesel isms (Google)
"charlie and the chocolate factory" +"south africa" (Yahoo)
where are they now jaimee foxworth from family matters (Yahoo)
jaimee foxworthy porn (AOL)
vin diesel isms (Google)
nipple slip (AltaVista)
the only man to win non-consecutive terms as u.s president? (Yahoo)
britney spears nipple slip (AltaVista)

2 Thoughts:

Blogger Beth said...

apparently, there's a lot on your blog about nipples.

6/06/2005 12:01 PM  
Blogger Avitable said...


Britney Spears's nipples

6/06/2005 12:03 PM  



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