Santa Claus

From the USPS website:

"Addressing a letter to Santa Claus or God:

To write Santa for goodies or with wish lists you should address your letter to Santa Claus as follows:

Return Address

Santa Claus
Your City, State Zip Code

The USPS will see that the letter is received at the proper place. Please ensure to include the return address on the letter itself! Letters to God can be addressed in the same way replacing "Santa Claus" with "God".

Mailing Tips:

Santa has offered to share these easy tips with children and their families to help their letters get to him as quickly and safely as possible:

* Children should ask their parents for help addressing and putting stamps on their letters. This can help reduce misspellings - which can slow down letters - or using too much or too little postage.
* Like all mail, it's important that letters to Santa include a complete return address with ZIP Code.
* Santa enjoys candy canes and cookies, and his reindeer enjoy fresh hay. But because these treats can be damaged or crushed when sent in a regular envelope, Santa says it's better to leave them out on Christmas Eve than to mail them.
* No extra packaging material, such as string or tape, is needed on a letter to Santa. The glue on the envelope flap does the trick.

Letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole, AK - as well as other holiday mail - can be given directly to letter carriers. They don't have to be placed in collection boxes or taken to the Post Office. And, as always, families with curbside mailboxes can put mail in their mailboxes for pick up.

Helping Santa Help Those in Need

While Santa receives most of these letters addressed to him at the North Pole, AK, some are sent to certified organizations and individuals who help those in need. Many Santa letters will be answered by a variety of Santa’s helpers – charitable organizations, employees of local Post Office™ locations and volunteers who want to help make children’s holiday wishes come true."

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