Hacking NetFlix : Netflix Class Action Settlement Delayed

Hacking NetFlix : Netflix Class Action Settlement Delayed: "Netflix Class Action Settlement Delayed

The Netflix class action lawsuit settlment has been delayed for 30 days.

Adam Gutride, one of the attorneys pursuing the suit on behalf of Netflix subscribers, said Thursday that the hearing originally scheduled for next Wednesday was postponed after more than 30 parties objected to the settlement.

The FTC got involved because the settlement '...would serve more as a promotional vehicle for Netflix, than a means of providing redress to consumers...' Here's a link to the FTC press release.

I wonder if Netflix will just change the offer to automatically 'opt-out' customers that take advantage of the settlement terms (a free month for ex-subscribers or one extra movie out for a month).

An interesting tidbit from the story regarding the $2.53 million legal fee:

In court documents, Gutride and another attorney, Seth Safier, have maintained that their requested fee is justified because they have already spent more than 2,100 hours on a case that prompted Netflix to acknowledge that customers paying the same fee for its service aren't always treated equally."

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