Mmmmmm . . . . Cheesecake

Going to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I love their food, but their menu is so large that it's very difficult to choose something. Invariably, I end up choosing the same thing over and over again because I can't make up my mind.

Some type of food roulette might be a good idea. Or "Wheel of Menu". I could spin and eat whatever it lands on. As long as it's followed by a piece of cheesecake, I could eat escargot topped with caviar (in my mind, two of the most disgusting foods eaten by the "upper crust").

Of course, on Fear Factor the other night, they had to eat this Filipino delicacy of a raw duck egg that contains a little duck fetus. They had to break out the fetus and eat it, crunchy beak and all. To make it worse, there were tons of little ducklings running around on the ground as they tried to eat two of the eggs. One wouldn't be too bad because it would be over before you knew it. But having to pick up two . . . . fucking horrible.

Speaking of fucking horrible, on another tangent, my boss is a douche. Not one of those nice, pretty, dancing around in springtime Massengill douches. He's an old Ziploc bag filled with 10-year old vinegar, some Joy dishwashing soap, and a straw from McDonald's. He's starting a bank! This shameless exhibition of genetic fucking deficiency has decided he's going to be a student loan provider now! Talk about fiscal irresponsibility!

This is the same loathsome rhino dung who claims that he only makes $31K a year, even though he has a multi-million dollar house, cars for him and his girlfriend, and spends money at night and the weekends in the thousands. His companies bring in millions a year, and he only takes home $31K, but his pebble-sized infected sore of a brain doesn't understand that if the company pays all of your bills, including your student loans, your $6K a MONTH life insurance policy scam that you signed up, and your exorbitant lifestyle, that is still included as your fucking income. Oh well, I'm sure the FDIC and the organizations that regulate student loans are just jumping to allow a mentally-deficient monkey like him near all of that loan money. I guess we'll see what they'll find out . . .

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