STDs and you

[09:48] XXXX: Karen told me this morning that she may have gotten syphilis when in her mom's womb
[09:49] adamheathavitable: yikes
[09:50] XXXX: Can Syphilis be spread by sexual activity? Yes, but this does not occur very often. See section on counseling for more information on syphilis and sexual activity.
[09:50] XXXX: GREAT
[09:51] adamheathavitable: that's why you should wear a condom
[09:51] adamheathavitable: full-body condom
[09:51] XXXX: FUCK IT
[09:51] XXXX: if i have syphilis, im fucking her in the ass
[09:51] XXXX: alot
[09:51] XXXX: im not even asking
[09:51] XXXX: im just gonna say
[09:51] XXXX: "Get Ready!"
[09:51] XXXX: ugh...
[09:51] adamheathavitable: hahahha
[09:51] XXXX: i dunno

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