The Celibate FAQ

The Celibate FAQ

Voluntary celibacy. Hmmmmm . . . coming from a heavy Catholic background, I can understand someone who's younger really feeling strongly about not wanting to have sex before marriage. That feeling dissipates heavily when you actually find someone that you want to be with. Even then, I remember trying to convince a girlfriend in high school who felt the same way that certain acts weren't really "sex".

But other than that, are you out of your fucking gourd? Here's a great quote from the site:

How can you tell people you are celibate?

"I am not of an erotic disposition."
"I am not a member of the carnal union."
"I'm not in the vagina business." (line from the film "Peter's Friends")
"I do not intend to unleash my juices."
"I really really like you- I just don't want to get up to any porky pump-action with you."

Does anyone else wish they had a dipshit-gun that was retard-seeking? I know I do.

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