From Heiress to Famous

From Heiress to Famous

Quoted without permission:"ulia Louis-Dreyfus and Paris Hilton. Familiar faces to any television-watching American. But while Julia's name is synonymous with her character Elaine on the hit television show Seinfeld, and Paris is commonly recognized for her "work" on The Simple Life and various other, ummm... film endeavors, the two have more in common than just prime time popularity.

Most people know Paris and her sister Nicky as the heiresses to the Hilton Hotel fortune, but few know Julia is in line to inherit an estimated TEN times more than the Hilton sisters COMBINED when her father passes away.

Julia's dad, Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, runs the family's Louis-Dreyfus Group, a diversified commodities, energy, shipping, real estate, manufacturing, and communications conglomerate, from offices in New York and Paris. His empire is worth an estimated $2.9 billion. Considering her father often refers to Julia as his "pride and joy," some estimate her inheritance could reach ten figures.

Yes, I said ten figures.

Does she need the money? Probably not. Will she accept it, or ask her father to give it elsewhere? Might she defer it to another member of the family, a charity, or somewhere else? Judging by the amount of information available to the public at this point, we may never know. But that's beside the fact. Julia's known since she was old enough to say "trust fund" that she was set for life. And yet, something drove her to kick ass all the way to the top and make her own millions.

While both of these heiresses are now famous, the roads they've taken to stardom couldn't have been any different.

For example, Paris relies heavily on who she is rather than what she can do. Without a famous name to tie to the now infamous sex tape that launched her into the socialite stratosphere, that video would have been just another minor cog in the internet porn machine - if that. Without that tape, Paris Hilton's face never becomes synonymous with idiotic sexiness, and The Simple Life bombs - never leading to her fledgling acting, modeling, and musical careers. Let's face it, if the Hilton family wasn't filthy rich, we'd have no idea who Paris is. Obviously, that's not the case with Julia.

I decided to unleash the GorillaMask research team (which consists of... me) and have them put together a "tale of the tape," if you will, for these two Hollywood starlets that have everything and nothing in common at the same time."

Click the link above for more details. Pretty amusing.

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