When this guy talks about his third leg, he means it.

Jean Baptista dos Santos - The Three-Legged Cuban

Jean (or Juan) Baptista dos Santos was born in Cuba in 1843, to normal parents with two other normal children. His third leg was most likely a fusion of two limbs and was loosely attached at the base of his spine. He could feel sensations in this third leg, but was unable to move it. As its dangling impeded his ability to walk normally, he often kept it bound in a sling.

Santos' third leg and double genitals. Each scrotum contained only one testicle. (Mannix) Dos Santos was perhaps most extensively documented for his double genitals, which placed him in the category of "diphallic terata" (Gould & Pyle). Each of his penises was fully functional and he urinated from both simultaneously. He had two scrota, each containing one testicle. According to some accounts, dos Santos had a remarkably strong libido and practiced coitus using both penises. He even allegedly had an affair with Blanche Dumas, the famous three-legged courtesan.

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that's really fucking gross.

I'm sending it to all my friends.

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