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Some nice tidbits from the site:

How do you keep the toys clean and safe?
We've developed a patent-pending process for thoroughly cleaning each toy before it is sent out to a customer. Our extensive research and testing indicate that this will allow us to provide safe, hygienic sex toys without the fear of transmission of disease. Customers who are still concerned about safety can simply use a condom or other latex barrier with each toy.

What is the selection like?
We offer a full range of sex toys, from anal beads to rabbit vibrators to nipple clamps and cock rings. Not to mention dildos in every shape, size, color, and material. Each toy is tested for quality and performance before it is added to our collection.

How does the free shipping work?
We ship each toy to you in a discreet, unmarked box. Inside the box you will find a return mailing label. When you are done with the toy, simply put it back in the original box and mail it back to us. You never have to pay for shipping!

What if I want to buy a toy?
If you enjoy a toy so much you want to keep it, you have two options. You can simply keep the toy you currently have, and we'll charge you a low replacement fee, or you can order a new one at our low discounted prices. Either way you enjoy a try-before-you-buy option unavailable elsewhere in the sex toy world.

Do you include batteries?
Many of our toys are battery-operated. When you order a toy, you can select the "batteries included option" for a small fee and you'll get the appropriate batteries to power your toy right in the box!

What about lube?
With each toy shipment we include a package of our own specially-formulated silicone-based lube. We encourage you to use this lube with the toys. Not only is it extremely high quality and pleasurable, it is safe for use with latex condoms and barriers and cleans easily.

How long can I keep each toy?
You can keep each toy for as long as you want. There are no late fees, only a monthly subscription fee: $19 for one toy out at a time, $29.99 for two toys, and $49.99 for the Golden Dildo plan with three toys out and priority to receive new, unused toys as rentals.

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Hmmm... who gets the job of cleaning these things?

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