Being targeted for being a crazy family is different than for being Pakistani

What a family of nucking futjobs!

One Family's Metal-Clad Home is Others' Eyesore

A Sacramento area family that feels they've been targeted since the September 11 attacks has tried to protect themselves in a way that has caused a great deal of consternation among their neighbors.

The D'Souzas, who live in South Natomas, are of Pakistani extraction. Since the terrorist attacks three-and-half years ago, the family believes they have be subjected to what they characterized as "covert and overt" hate crimes. According to the D'Souzas, the covert crimes include having intense microwave radiation directed at their house.

To protect themselves, the family has covered their house with large sheets of metal. "Since we've put them up," said Sarah D'Souza, "We've noticed the temperature difference in our house go down. We’ve noticed our health improve."

What has gone up has been the puzzlement of neighbors. "Are they afraid of something?" said Desanka Maslac. "Are they afraid of us? I really don’t know what’s going on."

The D'Souza daughters, both college-educated, said scientific instruments show the radiation is coming from neighbors. The family feels they're under attack. "To be treated like this, like I’m a non-citizen, it hurts," said the father Terence D'Souza.

Sacramento building code inspectors have ordered the metal be removed by Monday. "It's not only a blight issue," said building inspector Josh Pino. "It's also a fire safety and life safety issue."

The D'Souzas said they will comply, but the family will continue to line interior walls and ceilings with aluminum foil and sleep under metalized thermal blankets. Their neighbors said they will continue to reassure the D'Souzas they mean them no harm.

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