Searching Far and Wide for Cycling (and a side of crazy)

Here's the original personal ad. Click the link to begin reading some people's replies to him, and make sure you read all of his responses. He's craaaaaazy!!

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"Searching Far And Wide For Cycling Companion.
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Be everything as it may, this transcontinental, international cyclotouriste is navigating to locate a good companion for an extended bicycling tour. Good is defined as---female, healthy, cyclist, with a sense of bold adventure, and the willingness to be compatable on an extended world tour with yours truly.

Starting time is---not any time soon.

Route is---to be decided by those on tour---you and me.

Length of time is---to be decided.

I be fifty-three, healthy, six feet, 180 pounds, good looking but nothing to get all up in the air about, blond receding hair, green eyes, university grad., writer, teacher. Can work in exotic locations and have done so, easy to get along with, adventurous, survivor, world traveler. Have bicycled thirty thousand miles through nineteen countries---USA, Canada, Mexico, western Europe, eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, China, south Korea."

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