New Craziness

From one of my crazy clients - same person who wrote the gargoyle email a few posts earlier.

"disregard my last letter, i don't give a shit if you think i'm psychotic, paronoid depressed, or have a fantasy prone personality. all the other letters i wrote you...they were all true!!!!!!!! every single one of them, no one believed me, actually they did, but can you imagine the scandal it would cause....if it was alll true. that's why i was set up. sure i may be a little depressed, but i'm definitely NOT CRAZY, i'm tired of proving myself to anyone...this message will get deleted/hacked it doesn't really matter....i'll find a prove it, if they don't confess up to their sins......
find "George" the DJ......I think he's with mobiledj or mobilekaroake..or something like that...he was the DJ at Downtown, san antonio....see if he's still playing there. He drove a huge white truck, and don't you think it's funny that the man left his drivers license in the car on purpose but took everything else...he hi d isn't that funny........he had a pin....about an inch amber spider.....surrounding with think layer of gold....... they are very popular in russia i guess, someone not too long ago went to russia and brought some back for my family.....i disposed alll of my pins....anyways.....screw you if you don't believe really doesn't matter anymore."

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Blogger Beth said...

sounds like a fun day :P

3/14/2006 2:29 AM  



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