Darwin Award Winner

SALEM, Ore. - Police say a Salem man accidentally shot and killed himself Tuesday morning while he and his family were trying to climb out of a ravine after a car accident.

According to police, 38-year-old Vladimir Gorkavchenko was driving near Detroit early in the morning when he lost control of his minivan. The car rolled multiple times, before coming to a rest at the bottom of a rocky embankment. Gorkavchenko, his wife, and their daughter were uninjured in the crash.

Police say Gorkavchenko then removed a rifle from his van to take it with him as the three started climbing out of the ravine. According to police, Gorkavchenko was using the rifle as a brace as he climbed and apparently slipped, causing the gun to fire a round that hit him in his thumb and his head.

The guy survives rolling his fucking car down a cliff, and then shoots himself in the head when he uses a loaded rifle as a walking stick! Fate had it out for you, my friend.

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