Employee Motivation

As a business owner, I have to think this could be a good motivator for poor employees. Of course, my philosophy is that if they suck at their work, they're fired. That's a bit of an easier motivator, and it requires less use of chains.

Angry boss allegedly chains man to tree

BELOGORSK, Russia, June 5 (UPI) -- Russian police say a boss allegedly chained an employee naked to a tree in the forest for doing his work poorly.

Last month, a 39-year-old man was found beaten and chained with handcuffs to a tree near Belogorsk in Russia's Far East, MosNews reported.

There were conflicting reports to how long he had been there. Interfax said the man spent almost 24-hours in the forest before he was found by railway workers, while Regnum news agency reports he spent several hours at the tree.

The man told the police he had been punished by his boss for refusing to engage in illegal actions. Police, however, say the boss had been angered by the man's poor work.

The boss faces up to two years in prison for the attack, MosNews said.

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