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McDonald's removes mouth-shaped urinals

AMSTERDAM — A McDonald's fast-food outlet in the south east of the Netherlands has agreed to remove urinals that are shaped liked wide-open red lips.

The decision was taken after a shocked American customer complained to the McDonald's head office in the US.

Owner Giel Pijper said on Wednesday that the bright red, mouth-shaped urinals, named 'Kisses', are works of art. But a different view is taken of them in America. The urinals are being removed and will be sold off. "I'm not going to harp on about a pair of urinals," he said . . .

So some dipshit sheep American goes to the Netherlands, where things are legal that are quashed by the retarded right here in the US. He goes (of course!) to a McDonald's in the Netherlands. Can't go into any local restaurants, can we idiot? And sees the urinal in the form of a mouth.

This offends him so much that he complains to the US office of McDonald's? What the holy fuck? Who is this fucking retard? Why is a Dutch McDonald's going to give any credence to the whining of an obviously over-sensitive, socially stunted, surely religiously zealous moronic douchenozzle like this?

I'm moving to Canada.

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