One million

I've read a few blogs about what the author would or wouldn't do for a million dollars. It got me thinking.

I'm a moral black hole. I don't have any personal restrictions against taking lives or ruining lives or destroying lives, especially if I'm getting compensated. A hundred dollars, a million dollars, whatever.

If I were going to have to eat something disgusting, like a steak cooked well done, or vegetables, it would definitely have to be closer to a million.

Other than those two issues, I can't really think of anything that would be so horrible that I wouldn't want to withstand it for some cold, hard cash.

So it's assumed that I'll have the million bucks. The more pressing question is what would I do with it?

Start with 1,000,000.
Pay taxes. I'm left with $600,000.
Pay off the house. I'm left with $300,000.
Pay off our student loans. I'm left with $0.

Wow. That was fast. Fuck that. I want 10 million!

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