Celebrate my wii-ness

I just got my birthday present from my wife. Actually, I ordered it online and told her thank you. It's a Nintendo Wii! And it is fucking awesome.

I'm very excited, and I'd like all of you to come virtually stroke my Wii-ness. You can play with my Wii-ness all you'd like.

Now I'm looking for other Wii-ners out there who would like to virtually play with our Wii-nesses at the same time.

My Wii Friend # is 5636 0530 3030 9690.

Find me and register me. To do that, just go to the messageboard and click "Register".

That's all I'm going to post. Now I'm going to go in the living room and play with my Wii-ness in full view of everyone.

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