The Shitty Tipper Database

The Shitty Tipper Database

This is awesome. will make you realize why tipping should always happen.

People who say that they don't believe in tipping should be shot. And I have never waited tables in my life. However, I know that restaurants and bars are able to pay LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE because of the income that those employees bring in with tips. So when you're feeling high and mighty that they're getting paid to bring your food on time, so why should you tip, realize that your tips are very important. At least 10%, even if the service has some problems. 20% is the most acceptable for an average person who doesn't have shitloads of money. If you do have shitloads of money, tip 30%. Why not? It will only make sure you don't get spit, piss, or excrement in your next meal.

Cheap fucks.

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