New life for the blog

I figured out the blog purpose. I love doing captions for photos. That will be the new goal. Sure, I'll have occasional ranting and deluded fantasizing, but captioning is the new pink. All of these pictures will also be at, too.

To begin:

1. Over 10,000 gallons of urine and other bodily fluids wash over these streets on a daily basis.
2. You know you're from Kentucky when . . . your closest celebrity encounter in LA is sitting on the ground next to the star of a Muppet.
3. Tryouts for Vanna White's replacement.
4. Not seen in this picture: The four hundred men behind the camera doing a "panty check".
5. Whenever I lay in the street, police come and beat me. Why is life so unfair?
6. After this picture, the girls stepped on the Scott Baio star, rolled around with the Ernest Borgnine star, kissed the Harrison Ford star, and peed on the Britney Spears star. Another uneventful day on Hollywood Boulevard.

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