Further Coercion and Manipulation

I actually haven't been able to start work yet, because they're too busy fucking each other in the ass, apparently. I just got an email that states that I have to become an independent contractor before they'll hire me back, even though they already agreed to. Never mind the fact that I've been an employee for three years, doing the same job, and there are other people doing the same work who are employees. Never mind the fact that I cannot contract out to other people for parts of the process. Never mind that I have to do a schedule according to them, and I perform in a process that I have to adhere to.

I call up and ask them about this, and I'm told - no fucking lie - that it is essentially punishing me. That since they suspended me, making me an IC is the way that they'll demonstrate what they do with those people who go against them. If I oppose being changed to an independent contractor, they will fire me. They said that explicitly.

Well, fuck them. I'll become an IC for now, but in the end, I'll let the IRS make the final determination.

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