Monday again

This post is about my wife, Amy. Since I have spent so much time in a horrid rant since starting the blog, I haven't mentioned her. The reason is that I have nothing to rant about. The reasons:

1. She is pro-pornography and other seedy elements of free speech.
2. She has no problems with comics, video games, and my obsession with both.
3. She loves the Simpsons, Arrested Development, and Curb your Enthusiasm.
4. She loves Top Secret!, Hot Shots, Airplane, and other genuinely funny movies.
5. She's the smartest person that I know.
6. She's understanding and unbelievably reasonable.
7. She's a tough, aggressive attorney on the outside, and a wonderful, playful, cute girl on the inside.
8. She loves being married to a gorilla, and helps me find bananas and trees on which to scratch my back.

So, see her pictures on my website at (either the Christmas pics, Wedding pics, or the gallery) and revel in the cuteness.

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