Wired News: Bloggers Suffer Burnout

Wired News: Bloggers Suffer Burnout
"Billmon's inability to keep up with the demands of moderating comments in the face of a job, family and other responsibilities is just one manifestation of a problem increasingly faced by popular daily bloggers: burnout. While they enjoy what they're doing, many find that keeping up with the pressures to post regularly and to be sharp, witty and incisive is often too much."

Thankfully, if nobody ever reads your blog and you never have any comments to worry about, being witty, incisive and posting regularly is not a concern. Of course, in that situation, you're essentially talking to yourself, so you're like that homeless guy who has a full conversation about things that interest him, and nobody stops him on the street to argue or agree with him.

There's an analogy. A blogger who gets no comments on his/her blogs is like a homeless man voicing his opinion to the empty air. Now, please excuse me as I go piss on myself and drink a fifth of Jack Daniels out of a bottle in a brown bag.

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