Is there anything worse than realizing it is Tuesday, you hate what you're doing, and you have three and a half more days before you can relax? I don't think so.

I have to be home at 5:15 today so that I can urinate into a small cup for insurance coverage because Amy's firm has such expensive spouse insurance we had to get a separate ins. company. Bastards.

I could listen to Rob D. from the Matrix soundtrack all day. That one song is just very hypnotic. I can always get more work done when that's playing, and I don't know why.

Can't get motivated on my new company because I have my current job, looking to buy a house, and trying to write a business plan. Also trying to hire logo designers, design the database structure, plan the content and marketing, and figure out if it's going to be a success. I need four more brains just to do what I need to do.

The house we're looking at might be awesome, though. We'll see.

"And here we have a rare cartoon in which Mary Worth advises a friend to commit suicide."

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