Once More with Feeling

Buffyverse Dialogue Database - CLIP: 'SONG: I'll Never Tell'

My favorite song from "Once More With Feeling" is the Xander and Anya song. It's the most clever song, and both Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield do a great job. If only Anthony Head also sang on this song, it would be perfect, because he has a cool voice.

The link is the lyrics. I listen to it at least once a day while I'm working. Joss Whedon has the uncanny ability to translate normal fears and anxieties into a world with demons and vampires. His sense of humor and his ability to weave a word tapestry is amazing. Read his Astonishing X-Men that he's writing right now, and Fray (about the last vampire slayer) is also a great story. I'll watch anything he does.

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