Manic Tuesday

Woke up at 6, into the office by 6:30, realize that my first appointment isn't until 10! Now I get to sit around and look at the walls for a while. Reply to some of my friends that I haven't talked to in 10 years and maybe stick Donnie Darko in the DVD player for a little while. It's a good diversion.

I saw Spider-Man 2 twice in the last week. It's a very good comic book movie, but not a good movie if you look at all genres. I am a comic book geek, so I loved it, but some of the dialogue was very corny, which is okay in a comic book movie. If a character in a drama said "If Spider-Man's enemies found about you . . ." wouldn't it seem ridiculous? I don't know.

Back to staring at the wall . . .

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