Yesterday I ordered a pizza from Papa John's and when I got it, there was a live roach running around in the box. My brain actually shut down for a second, and I shut the lid, then had to ask myself "Did I really see that?" I opened the lid again, and there it was, a roach about an inch and a half long running around the inside of the box.

I called and complained and the manager tried to blame it on me. (Did you leave the box sitting on the floor for awhile?) What the fuck? I told him no, and he asked if I wanted another pizza. I don't think so! Yeah, I want another fucking roach pizza. When I'm on the phone with him, the roach climbs out of the box and takes off around the office and now I can't find him. I'm waiting for him to crawl up my back while I'm on the phone or something.

So I had to order Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza, and it gave me heartburn like I knew it would. Fucking Papa John's - never ordering from them again!

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