Chronicles of Narnia

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"They should have brought them in through the wardrobe.

Makers of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe have been told they can't bring into New Zealand the 12 reindeer needed to pull the Ice Queen's sled.

Filming of the $170 million production started last week. The animals, which also pull Santa's sled in one scene, are now likely to be created by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop special effects department.

Film-maker Lamp-Post Productions hit a speed bump on the road to Narnia when it applied to the Ministry of Argiculture and Forestry for permission to bring in the reindeer and eight wolf cross-breeds. The ministry was happy with wolves in the Auckland studio - which has been set up on the former Hobsonville airbase - but drew the line at reindeer.

Dr Kerry Mulqueen, national manager of import management, said the United States reindeer population was suffering from the potentially deadly 'Q Fever'.

The wolves also had a rough ride - they had to be cleared by Waitakere City Council and the Environmental Risk Management Agency. The council cleared the pack, but Erma approval is still needed.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe could be the first of seven films from CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia books.

The books have sold 85 million copies worldwide."

This better be a good movie. If they ruin one of my favorite book series as a child and as a teen, I'll have to hunt them down and choke them with Turkish Delight. I still have no idea what that tatses like, but I bet it's not nearly as good as C.S. Lewis makes it sound.

I haven't read the books in about ten years, but I wonder if I'd still like them now. I hope so, although that doesn't always happen. Some things in my life that were ruined when I tried to re-visit them as an adult: The movies Goonies and The Explorers, reading Reader's Digest, watching David Copperfield. Better not happen with these, because now I have an urge to read them.

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