Thursday - optimism rears its ugly head

No time to worry about the job. We signed a contract on our house last night, and I need to be excited about that. I'll figure out other ways to bring in revenue - I always do!

This is our first house. In Los Angeles, we couldn't afford anything - even small houses were going for $300K in good areas. If we were going to buy something, we wanted something decent. Now we've found it!

Here's the front. Not that cool-looking, but we can always paint it.

The pool is huge! 20 X 40, with a diving board and slide. I don't think the slides are meant for large gorilla-men such as myself, but it's still cool.

One of two entertainment rooms - they both look out onto a huge screened in porch that could easily fit 20 people or more comfortably. This is definitely a party house.

Master bedroom is a little blah and not as large as I'd like, but it leads to a small office/sitting area which is very nice. Master bathroom has no tub - just a shower, and that's my biggest problem. I'll have to install a big tub instead - I love baths sometimes.

The other living room, right off of the front door. Very cool.

Another look at the living room.

Dining area right off the front door, across from the living room.

The patio overlooking the pool.

It's so exciting having a house! Fuck work, even if I get fired from there I can find another good job. I'm not going to worry about that. I'm just going to look at the house and be happy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My eyes are about to pop out of my head, excuse me... Holy mother of... that's an amazing home you guys have. Definitely not lacking in space! So... still convinced that leaving L.A. was a bad idea?

7/22/2004 8:42 PM  



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