and Friendster - why do they exist?

Adam @

Here's my Myspace profile. Yes, I'm on there. I provided tons of information so that random people can become my friend. In reality, I find friends and family and impress them with my wit.

I'm also on Friendster, which is slightly better, but they both have a lot of bugs, downtime and issues. Find me on there if you want - search for Adam Avitable.

Am I witty? Do I really care what you think? Who are you if you're reading this anyway?

2 Thoughts:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

laughs, you're definitely amusing! this is the first time i'm reading anything from you so i'm not qualified to say!

i have to agree with you on that friendster thingmy. what is the point of that thing anyway (aside from finding people to hook up with)?

7/21/2004 9:11 PM  
Blogger Avitable said...

I've been able to find some friends from high school, so that's a big plus to it. Otherwise, it is definitely a hook-up site. Coming up with witty testimonials for friends is hard work, too.

7/22/2004 7:12 AM  



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