The extreme sucking of the US military

My brother is a Marine. He hates his life. He has no guidance, no mentoring, and no authority to look up to. Basically, he gets up, goes to a horrible job doing HR shit, and gets yelled at a lot. It's no wonder Marines drink so heavily. He makes almost no money and is generally an unhappy soul.

So he gets into an altercation with some other fuckwad Marine, and the other guy gets cut across his hand from a knife my brother had. My brother was defending himself from this guy, who is bigger and stronger, yet my brother gets arrested. The guy doesn't get in trouble at all. Now my brother is facing (potentially) 30-40 years in prison because of this shit, and because the military is so fucked up internally, the attorney we hired can't do anything about it. He has to wait for them to get their shit together enough to decide what to charge him with, whether or not he sits for a general or special court-martial, and all this other bullshit, and we're powerless.

My brother has the worst luck in the world. He never gets away with anything. Every single time he has done the slightest thing wrong, he has gotten caught. Every. Single. Time. You'd think he would learn, but no, he doesn't stop and count to 10 before he acts.

I hope he doesn't go to prison because he's my brother. But I hope he stops making stupid mistakes and letting other people egg him on. He needs to grow up quickly or one day he'll get killed or something.

Maybe if the Marines offered a mentor who would check up on him and make sure he's staying active and keeping his head above water, he'd never even get in trouble. He's been with them for two years now, and he's still a kid.

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