Back on the job again.

I'm back at work, after selling my soul, getting assraped by vicious, drooling donkeyfuckers, and getting my nose browner than that black, dark shit you get every now and then.

I will relish leaving this company once I have the ability and financial means. Pomposity, stupidity and infantile tactics do not make a profitable company.

"As per our phone conversation, we are willing to reinstate you as an employee of XXXXX contingent upon your acceptance of the following conditions:

You will be employed as one of the company’s XXXXX. As an XXXXX you will report to XXXXX, the manager of XXXXX.
Your responsibilities will include, among other things:

* Holding telephone appointments with potential clients.
* Working within the XXXXX procedures to create sales.
* Following up with clients, potentials, etc., within the bounds of the XXXXX procedures.
* Running credit card transactions for initial sales.
* Counseling clients and potential clients on their job search, etc.
* Contacting potential clients.

You will be restricted from, among other things:

* uploading or editing sales in the XXXXX system.
* resolving customer service issues, including, but not limited to:
o Returns
o Refunds
o Reprints
o Cancellations
o You will refer all customer service issues to the manager for resolution
* downloading saved searches or participating in production.
* resume and/or cover letter writing.

You will at all times abide by all XXXXX policies and procedures, as determined by XXXXX from time to time in its sole discretion.

You will be compensated on the same basis as other XXXXX, as determined by XXXXX for time to time in its sole discretion.

You understand and acknowledge that your suspension from XXXXX was the consequence of numerous acts of insubordination by you, including using other employees’ passwords to view sensitive company information without explicit authorization. You understand that any further such or similar act or any violation of company policy or procedure, as in each case determined in the sole discretion of XXXXX, will result in your immediate termination without severance.

Please acknowledge your receipt and acceptance of the foregoing by return email."

Fucking limp-dicked self-fisting fish-fuckers.

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