Subservient President - George W. Bush, Jr.

Subservient President

Much like the Subservient Chicken from Burger King, the Subservient President will act out your every whim.

He's a guy in a George W. Bush mask and here are some of the commands (and keywords) you can give our Subservient President. There are many variations, too:

1. Osama (or Saddam) (or do a magic trick) (or win the war on terror)
2. Take off your mask
3. Torture prisoners
4. Make love
5. Make peace
6. Get a gun
7. Get guns
8. Take a bribe
9. Show your new oath of office
10. Draft (or vietnam)
11. Reagan
12. Nixon
13. Cut taxes
14. How can you raise money?
15. Find WMDs
16. Dance
17. Hide
18. Pick your nose
19. Drink
20. He'll give you the finger if you say some things like "Miserable failure", "John Kerry sucks", "Michael Moore" and other phrases.
21. Can I see an intelligence failure?
22. Cocaine
23. Chicken
24. Fight
25. Gay marriage
26. Vote Democrat
27. Give money to Halliburton
28. Fire missiles
29. Mission accomplished

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