The Apprentice

I have tried not to watch reality TV. I think it eats your soul.

But I can't get enough of the Apprentice. The intelligent episodes, the fascinating participants, the drama of the boardroom, and finally, the ending music when they walk back into the apartment. It's just a very creative, well conceived and planned show. I would even buy the DVD to see extra footage. I'm an Apprentice zombie, and ashamed to admit it.

I try to think how I would do, and I think I would fail miserably. I am very controlling and manipulative by nature, so people would tend to see me as either at troublemaker or a meddler, and I think I wouldn't last long. I'm also generally a nice guy, so I'd be likely to take the fall for other people.

My current boss, aka Asshole Incarnate of all that is Unholy and Stupid, is a lot like Donald Trump. He exaggerates everything, considers himself the king, and thinks that his opinion actually means something more than just an opinion. However, my boss has never had a fall like Trump did several years ago, and of course, we're talking about net worth that is barely a million or so. He wants to be Trump, so he runs his piddly fucking companies with this mentality that he thinks is grandiose. Really, it's just pathetic.

Look at that. I went from TV-show praise to a rant. What a surprise!

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