Losing my mind

So about three weeks ago I ordered a sub and fries from this place around the corner. Since I'm currently stuck in my house until we buy a second car, I have to order lunch from delivery places, and this place has great subs.

Anyway, I eat the sub and fries at my desk, working on the computer. I went and got the salt shaker and sat it down to the left of my monitor, right next to the coaster where I put the dozens of sodas I drink a day. We have these cool, cylindrical salt shakers that are about 4 inches high and made of brushed metal, so they're shiny like a can.

Since that point, I haven't moved the salt shaker - why touch it until we need it again, right? I have now almost taken sips from the salt shaker about fourteen times, and I actually drank from the salt shaker twice in the last two days. When I grab my soda, I'm normally reading something or on the phone with a client, so I don't look, and since it's in about the same location, I keep picking up the goddamn salt shaker!

Have I gotten up and put it away yet? Hell no. I just see it out of the corner of my eye, quietly mocking me, and I'm too lazy to put away the salt shaker.

That's a metaphor for something, I'm sure, but I'm too lazy to figure that out too.

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