Cutting and skin removal - Or, You are a sick twisted fuck, you stupid syphillis-ridden attention whore

I have to say that I am not prejudiced in any way - I treat people of different backgrounds and interests very equally. I hate all of them. I'm rude to the unwashed masses, I laugh at the handicapped, and I bitch-slap the snooty upper crust. But I don't judge - whatever you do is your right, and more power to you.

Except this primitive reprobate and his kind. What type of sick festering fuck does this for fun? Some people should be shredded, fed to a hungry boar, shat out, collected, processed, and used to fertilize a tree. Then the tree should be chopped down, made into toilet paper so that people all around the world can wipe their ass with this leprous scab. And the fact that he has procreated is scarier than anything else. We can only hope that the mighty fist of Darwin will shove itself up his rectum sooner rather than later. Forums - Cutting and skin removal (warning: bloody pics)

Quoted: "So, yesterday was my daughter's 1st birthday, and I chose to mark the occation by having some cutting and skin removal performed on me. No anasthesia this time, it fucking hurt like fucking hell. It was worth it though. Check it out!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeesh! That cutting, and the spider thing, altogether with the lotion video is making me feel queasy. I knew about cutting, but not the kind that you've posted about. Shivers in disgust. Bleah... each to their own???

10/09/2004 10:23 AM  



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