Creeping apathy

When I first moved to Florida from Los Angeles, I cared a lot about what happened to the company that I started because I was very heavily invested in it. I knew that by leaving, I was divesting myself of the company, the management of it, and any interest I had in its development and growth. However, it was very difficult. The management that I hired consulted me on most decisions, and we got into heated discussions about the randomly stupid decisions they were making, and I was emotionally affected by the negative changes and absolute fuck-ups that people were doing. It is very hard to let go of something like that when you've lived and breathed it for so long.

And now it's gone. I don't give a flying fuck what happens to that company. Actually, that's not true. I honestly hope that Asshole Incarnate makes one big mistake and all five of his companies come crashing down and he ends up in prison for his tax evasion, theft of data, and other actions of which I'm aware. Maybe he'll get arrested for a DUI, because he sure as shit drives drunk at least two or three nights a week.

At any rate, I no longer care. If the company crashes and burns, I'll get a small sense of satisfaction, but other than that, they can kiss my ass. Over the last year, I've brought in over $510,000 in sales. The person below me didn't even bring in $400,000. When I leave, there will be a void that will be difficult to fill. I relish seeing what happens afterwards.

Now, it's time to start my new venture, and say a big FUCK YOU to the fuckers at my current company.

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