The Human Face of Pedophilia

The Human Face of Pedophilia (A Pedophile Unmasked)

I've found another group of people that I wouldn't mind if they happened to be crushed by a series of large boulders dropping on them from nowhere.

Quoted from their "Ethos":

"Right now, most countries have an age of consent, which is the legally-mandated age at which a young person can consent to sexual activity without risking prosecution for himself and/or his partner. However, the age of consent ignores the fact that the sexual and emotional development of children is not bound to a certain age. Rather than protecting children, it sets intolerable limits to their freedom. Young people are often believed to be unable to give consent, even when the meaning, purpose and responsibilities of intimate physical activity have been, either explicitly or implicitly, explained to them."

So this means that as long as the meaning, purpose, responsibilities and repercussions are explained to a child, they should have the right to consent?

So, if you explain to a child that if they don't go to school they won't get a good job and they will be homeless, and they say "Okay", they can stay home?

Or, if you tell a child that her legs are too short to drive and see over the steering wheel so that she might just crash and die, and she says "Let's try it", give her the keys?

And if you explain that even though John Kerry looks like Frankenstein and Bush looks like a cute monkey, you should vote based on policy, not based on the one who scares you the least, and he pokes out the chad for "Republican", it's okay?

And, finally, even if you tell her that by touching her in strange places and having her touch you in strange places, she'll be confused, emotionally and sexually, as an adult, and she says "Let's do it", it's FUCKING OKAY?

I wish I had a Bowel Disruptor Gun like Spider Jerusalem in Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan. I'd use it on everyone. If you haven't read that comic, buy it now.

Well the conversation has gone from pedophilia to comic books, so I think I'm about done.

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