Best friends abound

I have several best friends.

First, my wife. That's a given. I have no secrets, and we share everything and enjoy doing most activities together. That's a real best friend. And then you add in the benefits, and it's awesome.

Second, Eric - he's my law school best friend. He and I met in law school, and hit it off immediately. We still talk or IM almost daily. Things we have in common involve computers, pr0n, video games, and things that I do and Eric feels like he's too old to be doing, like reading comic books, or not practicing law. He's a great guy.

Third, Brent and Mike - they're my childhood best friends. I've known Mike since I was 5, and Brent since I was 10, and I love these guys. We go to the movies, hang out, and just talk about random shit. These are friends that I know will stand by me any time I need it, and I will be there for anything they ever need. You can't spend more than 15-20 years with someone and not feel that way about them.

Fourth, Marisa. She's my college best friend. Back when Seinfeld was on the air and Friends was good TV, we used to have Must-See Thursdays at Marisa's. She'd cook dinner, and we'd sit around and watch Friends, crappy show, Seinfeld, crappy show, and then ER. She introduced me to independent films, and we took a few trips to Disney and on other adventures. I talk to Marisa about once a month or more frequently, and we can honestly talk about anything.

Fifth, Kevin. Kevin is my LA best friend. We used to have a Wednesday ritual with him, Amy, and myself, watching TV, eating subs from Ameci's (thank you Kevin for starting the Italian sausage sub tradition), and drinking bottles of wine. It was a memory that I will not forget. We also shared the misery of working for the same fucking dipshits, and that type of bonding never dissipates.

I know I have other friends that I consider excellent friends and strong friends, and even other best friends, but these are the ones I can think of now.

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