Dear Asshole Incarnate the Leader of all that is Unholy, Evil and Stupid,

I've taken the past week off to spend with family and contemplate my role with XXXX. After careful evaluation of the direction your company is going, and given the recent deterioration of the quality of the product and overall poor level of customer service, I have decided that XXXXX is not the place for me anymore. Combined with the poor way that I was treated after I moved to Florida, I've realized that, unfortunately, you have never had the same type of respect for me that I once had for you, no matter how hard I worked or how well I did. Good luck.


Adam Avitable

** and six minutes after I sent this, my email password was changed, and my IP address was blocked from logging into the database. He didn't send me an email, but I can just imagine Asshole Incarnate the Leader of all that is Unholy, Evil and Stupid running around like a fucking idiot yelling at the tech people to remove my access before I ruin his company. At first I was very nervous. Now I'm relieved.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh, yes... HIM. I remember reading about him! (I don't understand why there always HAS to be someone like that in every office.) Did you actually call him the "Asshole Incarnate..."? Hehehe :P Well, good for you for leaving the company! I can't believe that he didn't have the courtesy to reply to your e-mail before taking actions. Hope you're doing alright?

10/22/2004 9:28 PM  
Blogger Avitable said...

Nah, I actually called him by his name. Asshole Incarnate is his secret name since I'm contractually prohibited from disparaging or discrediting him or the company.

10/22/2004 9:31 PM  



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