So I was looking back at my old sent mail on my computer, and found the first mention on email of Amy, back on 9/11/98, at 12:59 AM.

"there's this cool girl here that i don't think is married or previously engaged. it's amazing how many first year female law students are engaged or married!!! anyways, i think i might just ask her out tomorrow. we'll see."

and then the next day:

"hey, dork, you were supposed to call me tonight. thanks a lot. i sat around all night waiting for the phone. no, just kidding, i went out to a party. it was actually a very lame party because there was a bigger party as competition, but i asked this girl out that i've been waiting to ask out. we're going out tomorrow night. she's cool. not married. amazing."

and then:

"i had a date last night with this other law student. she's pretty cool, and she's good looking. she's 23. she has two ferrets that are really cool.
we're going to go out again when that jackie chan movie comes out. she loves jackie chan."

yet more:

"this girl - amy is her name - loves jackie chan movies, so we're going to go see rush hour next week sometime. she's really cool."


"amy and i went out to lunch today and walked through some of the shops. it was cool. i can't tell what exactly is going on between us, though. i'm going to wait to call you until tomorrow, though."

"sorry we weren't able to continue the conversation, but amy wanted to talk to me. hee hee.
she wanted to ask me if i wanted to go clubbing next weekend, or go to a movie.

and emailed to a different friend:

"i'm dating someone.
she's not in high school.
she's not in college.
she's not in grade school.
she's not mentally incapacitated.

she's a first year law student, 23, from university of denver.
she has not and never would qualify to be on jerry springer in a show entitled "i'm 400 lbs and i'm happy"
or "i'm really a man"

she's cute.
very intelligent.
and she likes me????
i have yet to figure it out. it's gotta be the shoes . . .
or the shoe size.

i have a computer now. it rocks. porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn.
i have yet to find out what amy thinks about porn. that may be an important factor.

gotta run.
don't let your response lag as much next time, okay there twinkle toes?"

Then it gets sad for a moment:

"well, we talked about "us", and she said that she didn't think she wanted to try to get into a relationship right now because of the time and effort required, but that didn't mean that it would never happen. regardless, we still hang around and stuff, and nothing else has changed, so i'm okay with that."

"law school is great. i met this girl - she's 23 - first year law student, and we kind of date, but more than that we hang around with each other constantly, and spend most of our free time together. she's really cute and a great person, and i think once she's comfortable enough with the workload of law school, we might get involved."

then, TRIUMPH!

"what did you think of amy? those weren't very good pictures, though.
we're more than friends now. we have hooked up several times now. it's kewl.
gotta run. "

And even before it's a super-serious relationship (November 18, 1998), she's already taking charge:

"amy redecorated my apt. today. she says it's about damn time."

and finally:

"i have been busy, but i can't believe that you guessed that i have a girlfriend.
it's about time. my last actual girlfriend was in high school.
her name's amy. she 23, and a first year law student. tall, thin, blonde, very smart. very pretty.
we get along great. we're totally honest with each other, which is always nice, because that precludes any misunderstandings or confusion and stuff.
i spend most of the time with her. she's great."

and a happy ending:

Adam and Amy's Wedding!

I don't know who would find this interesting. But I do, and that's all that matters.

2 Thoughts:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are so terribly cute! :) It's really none of my business as these are very personal things you are sharing, but it's really nice to see the progression of things over time, like relationships. :D Too much sugary cuteness! Hehehe... I'm incapacitated now - all I can think of is "Awww... too cute!"

12/05/2004 11:26 PM  
Blogger Julianne said...

i find it interesting...i love finding stuff like that [tho no wedding as of yet]

12/08/2004 12:10 AM  



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