Horse Haters Unite

I Hate Horses.

Just a sample of the invective against horses from this blog:

Look, this is a website about horses and how much we hate them. They are gross and stupid and disgusting and smell like shit. There are flies all over them and they make dumb noises. HORSES ARE TERRIBLE!!!

I am shaking right now because I hate horses so much. I hate them the way that fat people hate diets, the way that lazy people hate work, the way that Jewish people hate Hitler, the way black people hate white people. I REALLY HATE THEM!!


If you're reading this and you don't hate horses, you better get the fuck out of here! This website is not for you!!! Only retards and poor people love horses. SHUT UP!

1 Thoughts:

Blogger KiTTeNiTa said...

That is incredibly bizarre. I guess it's just that haven't met a "horse-hater" just yet... so that's why I can't understand it.

7/03/2005 8:59 AM  



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