From some dumb fucker's website (by the way, learn to fight your own battles and don't be such a crybaby):

The Concept of Tyr:

The concept behind Tyr is a teenage boy, living his life, and then dealing with one thing after another.

Ooh. Sounds exciting. A teenage boy living his life and dealing with life? Wow. That's inspiring.

He’s already an emotional wreck, and when it’s all said and done, he’s not going to be any better. A mixture of science fiction, Norse Mythology, and more twists and turns then on a rural back road in Mississippi, this is something that’s going to leave you stunned and out of breath after act one is all done about.

If this chicken fucker can't even use "then" or "than" correctly, how can he write a comic book? I shudder to think.

What you know about Tyr?:

More writing brilliance. How about proofreading? Ever heard of that, you spastic shit-licker?

Three issues in, and you can slowly things starting to happen. The Rogk have landed, Typhi’s dealing with his parent’s death and at the end of issue three, you see a breakdown that leads to Typhi not knowing what exactly is going on. We also know that Tyr is broken up into three separate acts. Currently Act one is 50 issues long, dealing with Typhi’s growth as the Tyr and having to battle the thirteen Rogk that has landed on Earth.

Count the errors: "you can slowly things starting to happen" "Rogk that has landed on Earth."

What should you expect in 2006 from Tyr?:

A huge pile of shit, obviously.

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