Sex for lazy fuckers like you


The Body Bouncer.

Some of my favorite uses for this amazing contraption, which is just a rubber saddle mounted on a steel frame that allows sex to be easier and less dangerous for the person on the bottom:

The Trot:

The classic Bouncer groove that satisfies every time. The convex saddle shape gently compresses her anatomy into a velvet vice--a unique sensation no other toy can give--rendering extra stimulation and pleasure for both partners. Alternate with flexing for a ride that's got energy and nuance.

The Plunger:

One of the most popular grooves, offering soothing penetration in the comfort of a loving embrace. Let him bounce her for a heady ride to ecstasy. Position next to a bed or other firm support for his comfort.

The Ninety-Six:

A previously rare version of sixty-nine, now an easy, comfortable position with more control for both partners. Keep feet planted on the ground; never go "hands only" in this position. Always exercise caution when sitting down on an occupied Bouncer.

The Flying Carpet:

One of the most intense grooves in the Gallery, and one of the most challenging. Use a towel on the saddle to prevent slipping and watch balance at all times. Position Bouncer away from hard objects.

Buy one today. For the sexually repressed Christian girl, too!

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